Add email alias to your G-suite account

In order to be able to create an email alias, you first need to add a domain.

Step 1: From your select domains -> manage domains.

Here you can create either a domain alias or a separate domain. If you want to be able to create your own email aliases for that domain, make sure you select "Add another domain".

Step 2: Verify the added domain belongs to you by following the instructions. (Usually you will do it by selecting the domain provider and creating an entry in the DNS configuration of your domain provider)

Step 3: The verification takes a couple of minutes. After it's done, you will see the status of the domain will be "verified".

Step 4: To add an email alias for that domain, go to 'users' (from admin page). Then select a user you want to create email alias for. Clink on "User Information" section. This will take you to user details page.

Step 5: Click to edit "Email aliases" section. Start typing the email name in Alias field before @. A selection for domain names will appear after the @ sign. Select the newly added domain for that email. Click save and you are done.

Step 6: As the last step, you need to configure the Mail service for your newly created email alias. In the list of domains, next to the verified status, you will see a recommended step for setting up mail server on G-suite. To complete this step, follow the steps listed there for general guidelines. Shortly you need to add Google's MX records on you hosting provider's domain configuration.

Optional step: If you have more than 1 email for your same gmail account, you can usually select which email to send a message from. If you want to configure your email alias as a sender, you need to set it like this:

- Go to the gmail settings

- Click on Accounts tab under settings:

- Click "Add another email address" in "send email as:" section. You will have to verify the email and you are all set.

Now you email alias setup is completed.

Nicole Hiller  |  Nana Janashia


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