Kubernetes crash course for beginners

Everything you need to know about Kubernetes | For busy professionals from IT background

375 € excl. VAT

5 hours


13.07 | 10.08 | 14.09

Kubernetes is an open-source technology, which automates modern containerised application processes. It offers tools to manage containers at scale.

Course content:

Docker basics - What is containerisation and why docker?

Why Kubernetes and what problems does it solve?

Understand the Kubernetes architecture (master-slave processes)

Kubernetes basics - components and core concepts

Demo - How to use Kubernetes components, create configuration files

Kubectl - useful commands and tips

Demo - deploy your first container in Kubernetes cluster using minikube

Who is this course for:

Professionals from IT background - IT managers, software developers, administrators

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand Docker/Kubernetes use cases and why to use them

  • Understand basic concepts of virtualisation and Dockers

  • Understand Kubernetes components and how to use them

  • Create and deploy simple docker container in a local Kubernetes cluster

  • Use commands to troubleshoot Kubernetes deployment

Course Description:

In this course you'll learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes, along with basic virtualisation and containerisation concepts. You will get an overall big picture of Docker & Kubernetes and how these technologies can make development process much more efficient.

Additional notes: 

  • Drinks and snacks will be provided during the course

  • All course participants will get access to a collection of useful kubectl commands and troubleshooting tips and learnings. 

  • Participants will also get the course presentation slides

  • You can request a participation certificate after the course

Nicole Hiller  |  Nana Janashia

Mail: info@nnsoftware.at

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